Triple P Online Parenting Course

Unfortunately this course is no longer available. Please click here to be directed to the CANparent online course directory. Please click here to view our Parents Together Online course. 

Family Lives is a registered charity that has three decades of experience of supporting parents to achieve the best possible relationship with their children. We want parents to be empowered and equipped with key skills to deal with parenting challenges. Family Lives is therefore extremely pleased to announce the availability of the internationally acclaimed Triple P Online – Positive Parenting Program® for parents whose children are struggling with a variety of behaviour issues.

The programme consists of 8 online parenting modules each of which takes between 30 to 60 minutes to complete. There are also some anonymous evaluation forms to be completed before and after the programme to allow Family Lives to measure outcomes and improve the service.

Triple P

Who is the Triple P Online parenting course for?

  • Triple P online is for parents whose children’s behaviour may be causing concern in school, and outside.  Children may be behaving in an aggressive, confrontational, argumentative or an uncooperative manner or may be unusually withdrawn.
  • Triple P online is also for parents who may themselves be seeking support in managing difficult behaviour, or who would benefit from opportunities to build confidence and to consider additional strategies to deal with difficult situations. 
  • Triple P online is ideally suited to parents who have access to broadband internet and are able to use a computer confidently 

What is the Triple P Online Parenting course?

  • It is an 8 module interactive internet programme with video clips, interactive exercises and suggested homework tasks.  The benefits of the course are that it can be completed at home and at flexible times.  The course is free, although places are limited.   
  • Triple P online is supported by a solid evidence base.  In trials, Parents who completed Triple P developed much greater confidence in managing behaviour and had far fewer incidences of stress, conflict and behavioural problems in their children.  91% of parents rated the quality of the services as “good” or better.