• The Big Breakfast

    Why is breakfast so good for you?

    It’s a good time to sit down with your family and talk about what you’re doing. Sitting down together every day will help make you closer as a family and enjoy spending time with each other, which is really important.

    Food has loads of good things in it that help give you energy during the day. Energy helps you to concentrate in lessons and makes you stronger for things like sports, so you need lots of it. Eating healthy food gives you even more energy, so try to eat a bit of fruit or drink a smoothie every day. You’ll feel much better if you’ve had a healthy breakfast in the morning.

    How can you join in?

    There have been Big Breakfast events all over the country to celebrate big, healthy breakfasts. You can host an event near you, or see if your parents and teachers will hold one at school or at home, or even at your local sports centre. Ask teachers to hold a breakfast sports day. The egg and spoon race is perfect, but why not have a cereal box race instead of the sack race? Take part in mufti day at school! Donate money to wear what you want, and ask you teacher to hold a competition for best dressed or most interesting clothes. The possibilities are endless!

    Be extra-nice to mum and dad and offer to make them breakfast for a week. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you if you make it! Make a special breakfast together as a family. Maybe you could cook a traditional breakfast from a different country. Ask your family how they’d like to make Big Breakfast Week special at home.

    How The Big Breakfast helps

    By raising money for Family Lives you’ll be helping families around the country. The money you give helps provide support for parents, children, teachers and all other school staff by giving them advice on bullying and how to get on better as a family.

    Download a Big Breakfast pack

    Click on the links below to download reources you can use to host your own Big Breakfast event.

    The Big Breakfast Pack

    Packs for pupils


    Information pamphlets

    Poster frame

    Sponsorship and gift aid forms

How we can help you

If you would like support and advice, you can talk to one of our Family Support Workers by calling our confidential helpline on 0808 800 2222. You can also share experiences and advice with other parents on our Forums. Family Lives is here for you and you can contact us about any family issue, big or small.

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