Family Lives Christmas Appeal

Supporting families at Christmas

Help us to support families through the holidays by donating whatever you can. If you or someone you know has used our website, helpline or support in the community, you will know what a difference it can make.

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Just £5 can help us to support 50 families to access advice and support via our website.

£25 helps train a volunteer call taker, so they can be there for a mum who has just found out her daughter is self-harming.  

Thank you for your support

“Too many parents feel overwhelmed by the demands of raising children and not everyone is lucky enough to have a caring family to back them up. I am a proud patron of Family Lives who help over a million families a year but they need your help to support more families, to prevent more children falling through the net. I have visited one of their helpline offices to hear for myself a few of the 100,000 heart-breaking calls they cope with each year, and what a difference a chat with one of their volunteers makes to a desperate mum or dad – and so to their children. Together we really can make a difference.”

Deidre Sanders Problem Page Editor at The Sun

Donate via text

Just text CHAT25 £1 to 70070 to donate £1. 

Your mobile operator will pass 100% of the text donation to Family Lives via JustGiving. The minimum text donation is GBP £1 and all donations must be in whole pounds sterling. The maximum text donation allowed is GBP £10 for all mobile operators. Donations sent via text will usually incur your standard text message fee. Please refer to your tariff for details of your standard text message fee.

JustGiving's full terms of service for text donations are available here.

"I've dealt with Family Lives numerous times over the years and no matter what the issue, from divorce and separation, to how parents should deal with kids' messy bedrooms, the charity immediately provides sage and sympathetic advice - so much so that only last week I gave the helpline number to my friend, a single mum whose daughter was having anxiety issues. She rang the helpline immediately, and got fantastic support from the person she spoke to, who really listened to her, told her she was handling her daughter's problems very well, and gave her some useful advice.

"It would be a great shame if this service was lost or even reduced, as I know it helps so many families. I'll be donating to help keep it going, and I know my friend will too when I tell her it's in trouble. It's not a service I've needed to use personally, but with two boys aged 10 & 11 I'm well aware that it's something I may need in the future, and I'd hate to think that lack of money meant it wasn't there when I needed it. I hope other parents feel the same, and are prepared to donate at least a little money to help keep this valuable service going, for all families including, potentially, their own."

Lisa Salmon Family Editor of the Press Association

Other ways to donate

You can also donate online or set up a direct debit, find out more about donating to Family Lives

“I'm a trustee and volunteer for Family Lives because I'm passionate about the excellent support they offer families. They are there for everyone and anyone at any time and the help they offer really works. It's a sign of strength to ask for help. The letters I receive to my agony page tell me that Christmas is one of the flashpoints in the year when families come under special pressure and it's such a relief to know Family Lives is there. But I know support is needed to make sure the helpline and website remain available. Please help Family Lives to support family lives.”

Suzie Hayman, Trustee Family Lives

“Family Lives needs your support to maintain and run its invaluable helpline. They are a fantastic national charity supporting more a million families throughout the year not just at Christmas. If you have a family problem from children who tantrum to difficult teenagers, they can help. If you have relationships issues, alcohol, money or debt problems, you can always contact Family Lives. All of us experience difficult times in our lives and need someone to turn to. Children who are experiencing bullying and other problems can also find a listening ear which can make such a difference to their lives. Family Lives now needs your support to enable them to carry on the wonderful service they provide to support family life in Britain today.”

Zelda West-Meads. You - Mail on Sunday


More about how your money can help: 

  • £10  helps a bullied child to scared to go to school to talk to our trained advisors
  • £25 helps train a volunteer call taker, so they can be there for a mum who has just found out her daughter is self-harming
  • £50 helps pays for a parent, tormented by their violent teenager, to attend a Family Lives support group
  • £1 per month pays for 130 people to access advice and support via our website
  • £5 per month  can change the lives of three families who turn to our helpline for support in times of need
  • £10 per month allows us to recruit and train more volunteer call takers

"Every week I hear from hundreds of people up and down the country who are in need of help. Some of their problems are small, others are terrifying but they all take their toll on life within the home.  It's a huge relief to me, therefore,  that I can refer them to Family Lives, an organisation well equipped to deal with anything which is affecting family life . These are difficult times and stresses on the family are acute. That's why it's vital that sources of help like Family Lives are  there to deal with the increase in need. This costs money so I hope everyone who is in a position to help will recognise the need and make sure that this important resource is able to continue its vital work. What I really like about them is that no problem is considered trivial, even though they are accustomed to dealing with hugely traumatic events too. Long may they continue."

Agony Aunt Denise Robertson

“The support Family Lives provides around Christmas is crucial especially in these stressful times. More than ever families need support as the usual relationship stresses and strains provide daily hurdles on top of the financial strains impacting so profoundly on many. Please help Family Lives to support family lives.”

Dr Pam Spurr

'When times are tough, the family unit feels the strain directly. Parents in Britain today need help and support more than ever, but ironically, the services they've traditionally turned to have been hit particularly hard. Nevertheless, despite cuts in national government support, Family Lives has continued to listen to and support a million families each year through their helpline, digital and local services. Now, however, it's the turn of Family Lives to reach out to all of us. They are in desperate need of funding so they can continue their valuable work. I encourage you, please, to give whatever you can today, so Family Lives can continue helping so many.'

Linda Blair, Clinical Psychologist

Any support you can offer helps us to continue supporting families across the UK. Thank you. 

Meet Sarah, Marion and Natasha as they talk about how befriending changed their lives:


How we can help you

If you would like support and advice, you can talk to one of our Family Support Workers by calling our confidential helpline on 0808 800 2222. You can also share experiences and advice with other parents on our Forums. Family Lives is here for you and you can contact us about any family issue, big or small.

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