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8 September 2020
Listening vs hearing  When it comes to parenting our adolescent children, it is widely accepted that effective communication is key. The foundat...
Dad and daughter
4 June 2019
A comprehensive new DaddiLife study finds a new generation of dissatisfied dads at work - and hints at new solutions  What is the modern dad goo...
24 January 2019
There is no doubt that today social media is seen by adults as representing a major problem for young people. Parents and professionals worry about th...
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14 December 2018
Dear Bullying UK, Hello, our names are Joe and Esther and we are writing to you from Wellington College. We are both lucky enough to be a part of the...
2 October 2018
As a parent, you will know all too well how great a responsibility you have. Raising a child can be very stressful especially for single parents or co...
19 September 2018
Over the last ten years young people facing disadvantage have received over 27,500 hours of transformational mentoring from Olympic, Paralympic and wo...
21 March 2018
Bullying is a sub-set of aggressive behaviour that involves intentional repeated aggressive behaviour to another individual, by a more powerful perpet...
10 August 2017
As parents, we often see fads coming in and out of our children's lives. We have seen the rise of the fidget spinners, smelly erasers and more. We now...
29 March 2017
RISE is a student led anti-bullying team whose aim is to support young people who are being bullied or have been bullied in the past. 
12 January 2017
Engaging with children at an early age is critical in helping them develop their understanding and behaviours which can lead to them becoming positive...
Blog posts 1 - 10 of 168