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15 December 2014
Providing for your family can be very hard to manage. It is important to control your finances and not let your finances control you. Saving is challe...
8 December 2014
The Christmas party season is suddenly upon us and the temptation to over indulge can be strong for all ages. Parents know it is probably too much to ...
10 November 2014
It is my pleasure as part of anti bullying week to write a blog post about Red Balloon for Family Lives. The theme is one that our charity Red Balloon...
Managing school uniform costs
18 August 2014
The summer holidays bring lots of fun family time, no school runs and time to spend with your children, but for many parents it is also a time to star...
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5 August 2014
Clearing is notorious as a bit of a free-for-all; a stressful time for those students desperate to secure a university place in time for September. It...
protecting children from sunburn
30 July 2014
Prevention is always the best form of protection against sunburn. It's important to protect your child from harmful ultra violet (UV) rays as will red...
16 July 2014
Parents and teenagers need to be able to talk together. Yet in so many families this turns out to be a major problem. Parents feel the teenager won&rs...
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28 May 2014
Getting the whole family active can be a challenge. We all have incredibly busy lives and often don’t have the time, energy or financial resourc...
16 May 2014
By Karen Holmes, Senior Welfare Benefits Specialist at the charity Turn2us Are you a working parent struggling to pay your bills? Are you feeli...
Blog posts 21 - 30 of 168
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