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Engaging with children at an early age is critical in helping them develop their understanding and behaviours which can lead to them becoming positive members of their communities and better equipped to deal with some of the difficulties they face as they grow up. 
With this in mind The Barney and Echo series has been designed and developed to support parents and teachers in addressing these issues at home and at school through Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) at key stage 1-2.  

Supported by the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain

The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain support initiatives, including the Barney and Echo series, that help young people to reach their full potential and become responsible citizens. The Clubs do many things, all of which are aimed at providing a safer, more educated life for the most disadvantaged children and young people in our communities. The members consist of serving and retired police officers, or members of the Home Office. 

Who is Barney and Echo?

The fully illustrated Barney and Echo series is a collection of five citizenship-themed children’s books. The series introduces young readers to the woodland animals of Treetop Forest and the issues that they must work together to overcome. The age-appropriate subjects of bullying, anti-social behaviour, and e-safety form some of the major themes addressed throughout the series.

The Barney and Echo books are free to schools via sponsorship from local businesses. The books are also promoted through the ever-popular Barney and Echo Internet Safety Roadshows. These nationwide day-long events take place in football grounds, where large groups of local school children experience exciting presentations multiple interactive exhibitions – all free to schools! 

About the Barney and Echo Books 

The Barney and Echo series is tailored towards supporting the PSHE national curriculum at Key Stage 1 & 2. Each book is packed with activities including colouring sections, quizzes, puzzles, and much more. The purpose of the Barney and Echo series is to raise awareness of modern-day situations that children must learn to recognise and avoid to prevent confrontational or dangerous outcomes. 

The books raise awareness through the well-meaning but misguided adventures of Echo Squirrel and his friends. Barney Eagle is the wisest member of the Tree Top Forest community. He is always on hand to offer timely advice and support to the young members of Treetop Forest. Three of the Barney and Echo books cover the issues of e-safety, bullying, and anti-social behaviour. 

Caught in the Web 

Caught in the Web is the e-safety themed edition of the Barney and Echo series. The young animals of Treetop Forest are excited to access the internet to make new friends online. The important lessons of not giving out personal details to strangers and not agreeing to meet strangers in person are covered in this anxious tale of overcoming social pressures with the help of family and friends. 

Echo’s New Watch

Echo’s New Watch is the bullying and knife-crime themed edition of the Barney and Echo series. Echo Squirrel is proud to show off his birthday present – a new watch. However, Echo gets into a sticky situation when he runs into two knife-carrying weasels who take his watch from him. Barney Eagle must intervene and the young animals all learn a valuable lesson in bullying and knife crime. 

The Bad Apples 

The Bad Apples is the anti-social behaviour themed edition of the Barney and Echo series. Archie and Ollie are two disruptive young foxes who leave their lives in the city to settle in Treetop Forest. Through their inconsiderate actions, the foxes cause upset both in the classroom and in public places. Barney Eagle hatches a plan to teach the boys a valuable lesson in kindness and respect. 

Barney and Echo internet safety roadshow

The internet is an integral part of all of our lives and the age at which children are accessing the internet through a variety of devices is changing as younger children are online too.

The internet safety roadshow will address issues such as bullying, personal security and social media which will help children at a young age make good decisions based upon sound educational advice. To find out more about our roadshows, please click here.

Community Education Awards 

The Community Education Awards are an annual celebration and recognition of schools’ efforts to help children and young people become responsible community members.

Affiliated to The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain, the Awards reward school projects and teachers who help improve the lives of pupils and their local communities. If you would like to find out more, please visit the website

Barney and Echo – Contact Us 

If you’d like to support a local primary school through sponsoring a class to receive Barney and Echo books branded with your company logo, contact us today – we’d love to hear from you! For any other enquiries, please visit Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to a member of our team, please call 01244 316629 or email     



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