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Guest blog from Amanda McLean, World Cancer Research Fund UK

Getting the whole family active can be a challenge. We all have incredibly busy lives and often don’t have the time, energy or financial resource to put towards physical activity. However, our research at World Cancer Research Fund UK shows that an increase in regular physical activity, can reduce your risk of developing certain types of cancers. This is why we’ve created the Move More Challenge, an interactive online tool designed to make it easier for you and your family to get moving. Wherever you are and however you’re feeling, the Move More Challenge will help you and your family get active.

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Physical activity protects against cancer

In a recent study, part-funded by World Cancer Research Fund UK, researchers at the University of Bristol have shown that time spent outdoors with friends has the greatest positive impact on a child’s level of physical activity. The study found that for every hour spent outdoors with friends, a child will do an extra 17 minutes of physical activity.

Our research work over the last two decades shows evidence that physical activity protects against cancer, particularly bowel cancer, one of the most common forms of the disease in the UK. Getting into healthy habits during childhood is a big advantage when it comes to reducing the risk of getting cancer in later life as active children are more likely to become active adults.

Developing positive habits towards physical activity from childhood can be incredibly beneficial for our mental well-being too. The research conducted by Bristol University demonstrates that children are most active when they’re playing outside with friends, so we should be looking at ways we can encourage this in a safe environment.

Take the Move More Challenge

To promote increased physical activity we have launched the Move More Challenge which encourages families to take part in physical activities and games.

Families who sign up to the Move More Challenge will be provided with the opportunity to gain tailor-made suggestions for activities using an innovative online tool on our site. The activities range from a kickabout in the park, to building a homemade obstacle course.

As well as offering ideas for outdoor activities, the Move More Challenge also provides indoor pursuits for when families don’t have the time to go out.

Why not get involved? As busy working parents we are taking the challenge with our family and it really is easy to fit it into your life.

To take the challenge, sign up here:

By Amanda McLean, General Manager, World Cancer Research Fund UK

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