Relationship difficulties

In recent months I have observed a number of situations where teenagers have had relationship difficulties. 

Instead of learning how to deal with these issues in a positive way, there has been more avoidance than anything else. Teenagers have been given strategies to help them cope with the situation. These strategies will, no doubt, be useful for the life journey. They have not de-escalated the situation.

Parents then enter the situation and, understandably, battle to appreciate that their child might have contributed to the conflict. How long ago were they teenagers? Seems like they have forgotten that conflicts of varying degrees were part and parcel of teenage life.

We need to teach and coach our students how to resolve conflicts in a positive way. As soon as the conflict rears its ugly head, bring in a non-judgmental adult to mediate the meeting between the two conflicting teenagers. The odds of resolving the matter, if both teenagers are willing to seek a solution, are incredibly high.

When this does not happen and the situation escalates, I wonder how this contributes to feelings of anxiety, depression and so much more? Unwrap the bubblewrap kids with care!


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