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16 July 2014
Parents and teenagers need to be able to talk together. Yet in so many families this turns out to be a major problem. Parents feel the teenager won&rs...
29 May 2011
5 tips for parents of girls from a top psychologist who has worked with many, many teens over the years.
11 June 2010
In recent months I have observed a number of situations where teenagers have had relationship difficulties. 
6 September 2009
Much sadness and criticisms of a school etc., as a teenager was tragically kicked (?) to death by some thugs in the playground at an Australian school...
22 June 2009
You know, you think you are doing alright. Your kids have got past the bruised knees and the need to be constantly assured that they are wonderful. Th...
Blog posts 1 - 5 of 5
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