There should be user manuals with teenagers

You know, you think you are doing alright. Your kids have got past the bruised knees and the need to be constantly assured that they are wonderful. They think they are all big and independant and want mum to leave them alone. So you do. You taught them all the important stuff and now it is up to them whether they listen.

The hard part is sitting back and watching what they get up to and not saying anything even if you know that they would be better not doing some of the stuff they are doing. After all what does not kill you can only make you stronger. Besides they need to find our on their own.As a mum it is sometimes heartbreaking watching your children grow up into independant adults but within a few short years they will be off living life to the full with a new family of their own

Actually I have to say I was really scared about what life at home would be like once they had both gone off to Uni but within a very short period of time I found the peace and quiet fabulous. They were doing okay and so were me and my husband.So what could possibly go wrong?

4 months later I have a hysterical daughter telling me she has been self harming for several years. You listen amazed. No way could she have been doing that without me noticing. I know nearly everything about her. We can practically read each others thoughts we are that close.

So I did the right things - I took her to the doctors, I talked till all hours in the morning trying to find out why. Then she insists she is okay and that she wants to go back to uni after Christmas.

Okay if that is what you want. But remember if you need me ring no matter what time of the day or night,

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