Wellington College chooses kindness in support of Bullying UK

Read this letter from the students to find out what inspired them to support us

Dear Bullying UK,

Hello, our names are Joe and Esther and we are writing to you from Wellington College. We are both lucky enough to be a part of the College’s prefect body; especially with our specific role being pastoral care.

Wear Blue #Choose Kindness Poster.jpg

During anti-bullying week, we were tasked with finding a way to promote the theme our school had chosen, which was ‘kindness’. After researching we came across your charity and was inspired by the works you have done to make people more aware of the importance of supporting anti-bullying. We were inspired so much that we wanted to do something to help raise money for the charity while simultaneously making the students in our own school more aware. After some brainstorming and research, we came across your #WearBlue initiative and decided it would be a brilliant way to involve our full school body (staff and students) in anti-bullying week.

To introduce the plans for anti-bullying week, we stood up and spoke in our full school assembly, as well as sending this message to the entire school:

“We believe at the core of any good establishment is the understanding of how important basic values are. Today we chose to focus on the importance of being kind to one another as part of anti-bullying week. In order to help raise money for the official UK anti-bullying charity, we thought it would be a good idea to have a non-uniform day wearing the colour blue. This will be a visual and open statement to show our unity on the fact that being kind is something that should not be overlooked or taken for granted.”

The response from the students in our school was incredible, not only did they wear blue as a show of their support, but what we also saw was the start of a conversation. The non-uniform day allowed us to start a dialogue with the students about the issues surrounding bullying which can often be overlooked.

Along with this success we also manged to raise an astounding £1088.59! We know that we are entrusting this money to the right people, and that it will be used to aid the promotion of anti-bullying, as well as support work for those victimised by bullies.

We hope this money goes a long way within your charity – we are confident that our donation can help so many young people in so many ways.

Yours faithfully,

Joe and Esther, Pastoral Care Prefects

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