Bribery alone costs parents £240 a year on average

A study into the shopping habits of parents in the UK has revealed that 61% of parents have bought something they wouldn’t normally purchase in order to stop their kids misbehaving.

The study found that parents spend an average of £240 per year, in an attempt to curb their child’s behaviour and prevent them from being disobedient.

The research was carried out by the firm behind the MyVoucherCodes app, an application that allows users to receive information about current discounts and vouchers available at shops and restaurants in their local vicinity; a total of 1,314 parents from the UK were polled.

Respondents to the study were asked to state if they bought treats for their children in a bid to make them behave, to which 61% answered ‘yes’. Of these, 24% said that the reason they bought bribes for their children was to ‘avoid an embarrassing scene in public’. 

The respondents who did buy bribes for their children were then asked to specify how much this cost them, on average, each month. Almost two thirds, 64%, claimed to spend ‘£20 per month’ on buying items to persuade their children to behave, totalling £240 per year on bribery gifts alone.

9% of the respondents claimed to have ‘no financial limit’ when it comes to purchasing treats for their children in an attempt to make them behave. 

A fifth of the respondents, 19%, admitted to using gifts or treats as rewards for their children when they behaved well. These respondents were asked what type of behaviour they rewarded and ‘finishing homework on time’ was the most popular choice.