Dads get a bad deal on Father's Day

People in the UK spend much more on gifts for mum than dad, according to a Father’s Day survey commissioned by law firm Dennison Greer.

The average dad will get palmed off with a £10 present – but most say they’ll splash out £25 spoiling their mum for Mothering Sunday.

Fathers were most likely to be given a tie to mark the occasion (32%) and 16% could expect to receive nothing at all! Almost everyone – 84% - said they’d spend quality time with their mum to mark the occasion, but just 58% would go the trouble for their dads.

Also revealed was that people consider Prime Minister David Cameron to be the top celebrity dad (36%) with father of three David Beckham (20%) and single dad Peter Andre (19%) also proving a popular paternal choice.

Royal Mail statistics reflect the bad deal for dads with 13 million Mother’s Day cards being posted in 2009, compared to only 7 million sent to fathers. Law firm Dennison Greer, which commissioned the study, said it wanted to highlight the importance of dads in families.

Lisa Kemp, head of family law said: “Although dads have clearly been getting a raw deal on Father’s Day, I think most would happily put up with a dodgy tie as long as they get to spend time with their children. Unfortunately those with children under 16 who are separated may find themselves unable to spend Father’s Day with their children, without the co-operation of their former partner.”

“We want to champion the importance of dads being part of their children’s lives and highlight the value of their hands on involvement in a child’s upbringing.”

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