Family Lives helpline and online services facing cuts of over 50 per cent

family lives helpline cuts

Family Lives is currently facing drastic cuts of over 50% to the funding for our national services - our helpline and online support.

We have been offered £475k of the £990k needed to run our services to the level required to meet the demand from families who contact us but the cuts will mean we can no longer provide the helpline and online services in their current form. 

These cuts will have a terrible impact on the many thousands of families who turn to us for support often when they have nowhere else to go, and in a time when our services have seen an increase in demand over the last year, the need to continue providing our services at the current level is even more pressing.

How can you help?

We are asking for the support of people who use our services and support us as a charity in helping to raise awareness of the cuts, and the impact this will have on the family support we can provide.

We appreciate whatever you can do to help, whether that is contributing financially or writing to your local MP or councillor on our behalf.

Write to your local MP or local councillor

We have created a letter which you can send to your local MP or councillor to help raise awareness of the need to continue funding services like ours. You can easily find your local MP or councillor and email them through the website or through the Parliament website. Just copy and paste the letter to send to your MP. 

Download the letter to send to your MP


Donate to Family Lives and support our helpline

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How we help families

“Thank you for responding so promptly to my email about my grandson - just knowing that there is somebody out there to help my son is not only reassuring for him but helps me tremendously.”

“I’m more confident, I can now read his signs and know when he’s had enough to give him some space.”

“We now have a calmer atmosphere at home. I am coping better and not losing my rag like I used to. And the children are better behaved.” 


More about Family Lives

Family Lives has provided vital support to families for over 35 years, relying on our trained and dedicated body of volunteers to provide the majority of our national support service. We are the leading family support charity, offering help to families at an early stage with a multitude of issues including divorce and separation, bullying, parenting teenagers, mental health issues and much, much more.

The support we provide for families cuts across the work of many Government departments and policies, from our role providing help and support for separated families, the impact of bullying on mental health, promoting parenting classes, working with teens around sexual bullying and consent, work with troubled families, and families of offenders – we epitomise the complexity of family life.

We are asking the Government to keep to their policy of supporting families. The cuts to our helpline service go against everything they have been saying they will do over the past few years. We are the only national family support helpline. 

The work we do as Family Lives cuts across numerous Government departments’ priorities and the issues we address are at the forefront of some of the most pressing issues society faces today. These issues include: supporting the increasing number of separating families; child and adult mental health; supporting parents through the difficult years of raising a teenager as we struggle with the impact of social media on bullying, self-esteem, and the impact of easy access to pornography; and the important role of kinship carers.

We are unique in that we can support families through all these issues and provide a safe and reliable place for them to turn whatever their need. 


You can read more about our work in our Annual Review