Family Lives response to 'attacked 30 times a day by my kids'

A number of parents contacting Family Lives' free 24/7 Helpline are seriously concerned about their child's behaviour and their direct experience of physical and verbal abuse at the hands of their children.

Aggression is a hidden issue that many parents are afraid to talk about for fear of being labelled bad parents – help is available via national charity Family Lives. Over a two year period of 83,469 calls made to our free 24/7 Helpline, 27% of callers were seeking advice from the charity’s helpline regarding their children’s behaviour with parents frequently reporting feelings of desperation, helplessness and shame.  

There must be an emphasis on providing the kind of support families need when problems emerge, rather than waiting until families are in crisis to make support available. We support families who have nowhere else to turn. Parents and family members can call our free helpline on 0808 800 2222 or visit for support.

Jeremy Todd, Family Lives Chief Executive