Family Lives welcomes Lottee Brown as a Bullying UK supporter

Family Lives was proud to have Bullying UK supporter, Lottee Brown, aged just 15 years old, perform at its first ever Summer Ball which raised just over £12,000.


Lottee's mum Victoria spoke to the audience as the parent of a child on the receiving end of playground bullying. Lottee had her fair share of difficulties in early life having been born with mild CP Ataxia, Dyspraxia and Global Development Delay. In spite of all this, Lottee always had a positive attitude to life. 

When Lottee started secondary school in 2012 she also began to sing in public around Cornwall - belting out covers by Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, James Brown and Sir Tom Jones – amongst others!  

With the support of her mum, Lottee began to plant the seeds for a successful singing career, performing at charities and local talent competitions.   

This is when the bullying started

Back at school Lottee received terrible treatment from her peers, perhaps jealous of her singing ability. After weeks of suffering in silence, Lottee called her mum desperate for help.   

Victoria found out that Lottee would be invited to meet ‘so-called’ friends who would run away from her when she arrived. Speaking of her experience, Victoria said: 

"I am like every other parent that has experienced how bullying can impact greatly on families. After a lot of support from family, friends and the team at Bullying UK, Lottee is turning her life around. She now attends a school with a smaller class size – which provides attentive one to one learning.

Bullying doesn’t only effect the child or adult on the receiving end. It effects the whole family.  I turned to Family Lives - who run Bullying UK- for help. Their website was so engaging, informative and child friendly.  The people on their free Helpline were invaluable! I could speak to them confidentially.  They supported me and my daughter to talk openly about our feelings and find our own solutions to move forward.  

Lottee is regaining her confidence, performing at gigs around the country whilst raising awareness for Family Lives who helped her – and the whole of our family - on the road to recovery! We are more determined than ever to play a part in stopping bullying."

Speaking about her role as a Bullying UK supporter, Lottee said:

"I'm delighted to be a Bullying UK supporter. I want young people to know that they don't have to put up with bullying.

If anyone thinks they are being bullied - or even if they are unsure about how they are feeling about something that might have happened at school, home or amongst their friends - they can speak to Bullying UK who will be able to help them."  


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