New video celebrates role of both parents in separated families

The positive role that both parents in a separated family can play in a child's upbringing is being celebrated in a new video today.

The short film, which has the backing of leading parent groups, is being launched by the Government on YouTube ahead of Father's Day. It tells the story of a young boy growing up and shows the value for him of having both parents in his life, even though they are separated.  Work and Pensions Minister Steve Webb said: "We know how tough it can be when a relationship breaks down. Our video recognises the role both parents can play in a child's life, even if they are no longer together. Most people agree children are better off when both parents manage to put aside their own differences, and the reward will last a lifetime."  

Family Lives understands how difficult it can be to sort out practical and emotional issues when facing such a distressing time.  There may be mixed emotions, pain and hurt and this can make the practical things that need organising and sorting out harder. Our divorce and separation section has lots of information and helpful advice too.

The Government has recently announced new help for over quarter of a million separated parents through innovative projects around the country - including face-to-face mediation and counselling. It is the first of two waves of funding and is part of a £20 million package of support to help parents collaborate in the best interests of their children.

Thousands have already visited the new government-funded web app Sorting out Separation, which is the first ever access point for separated families to find the support they need. Helping with all the issues thrown up by a break up, from housing to health concerns, it aims to help parents going through this difficult time and minimise the impact of their break up on their children.

Sorting Out Separation: Parents Working Together Video