The annual Red Magazine fertility report 2011

The recession is having a direct effect on birth rates, with one in four women being forced to delay or reconsider having a baby, according to the 2011 Red National Fertility Report.

Results published in Red’s October issue show the effect recession has had on women trying for a baby. Sam Baker, Red magazine Editor-in-Chief said of the findings: “This report provides an incredible in-depth view on the effect the recession has had on women’s baby plans”.

Key findings include a 25% drop in babies tried for, with 10% of women saying the recession had made them postpone trying for a baby and 15% saying they’d decided not to try at all. In addition, baby prices have dropped more than house prices – with the average amount women would be prepared to spend to conceive dropping from £15,000 to £12,000 – a 20% drop in just 12 months.

The percentage of women who would be prepared to spend £50,000 to guarantee them a baby has dropped even more dramatically from 10% to 6% - a 40% drop over the same period. Due to lack of IVF on the NHS, 61% have paid for IVF privately, with only one in five getting all their treatment for free.

Brigid Moss, Red magazine Health Director commented: “Fertility treatment can be expensive, and this report shows that fewer people have been able to afford it, while the NHS provision for fertility treatment remains a postcode lottery”. IVF: An Emotional Companion (Collins, £12.99) by Brigid Moss, is the story of 23 women’s fertility journeys, told in their own words. It was written to help anyone who’s trying to get pregnant to understand the fertility process and help them make treatment decisions, but also to show her that they aren’t alone. Chapters cover all aspects of fertility.