Consultation responses

Here you can read Family Lives' response to various consulations including the early intervention review by Graham Allen MP, and the independent review on poverty and life chances by Frank Field MP.

  • Response to 'Drugs: your community, your say' (2007)

    Read our response to the consultation on the government’s plans to shape a new drugs strategy.
  • Consultation on draft information sharing index (England) regulations and partial regulatory impact assessment (2007)

    Read our response to this consultation.
  • Response to the Independent Review on Poverty and Life Chances (2010)

    In June 2010 the Government announced that Frank Field MP had been appointed to lead an independent review into poverty and life chances.
  • Response to the Committee Inquiry – Behaviour and Discipline in Schools (2010)

    Read our response to the Education Committee's inquiry and call for evidence into behaviour and discipline in schools.
  • Briefing on the impact of Government policies on family budets (2011)

    Family Lives briefing in advance of Lord Knight of Weymouth’s call to attention of the impact of Government policies on family budgets.
  • Response to child maintenance consultation (2011)

    Read our response to 'Strengthening families, promoting parental responsibility: the future of child maintenance' which sought views on the Government’s strategy for reforming the child maintenance system. It was based on the Government’s principle of enabling parents to take responsibility for their families.
  • Early intervention review response (2010)

    Read our response to the review into early intervention, lead by Graham Allen MP
  • Response to the pupil and parent guarantee (2009)

    This consultation set out the full text of the pupil and parent guarantees and sought views on whether the requirements for pupils, parents, schools and LAs were clear and understandable, whether all the 'musts' and 'shoulds' detailed in the guarantees are correct and whether the responsibilities and entitlements for schools, pupils and parents are correctly balanced.
  • Response to NICE consultation on PSHE sexual health and alcohol (2007)

    Read our response to the NICE consultation on PSHE.
  • Response to the primary review (2007)

    This response concentrates on the questions that have been posed by the Primary Review Team that relate to parents in particular.
  • Comprehensive spending review (2007)

    Read our response to the Joint Policy Review on Children and Young People where we submitted evidence on behalf of parents on ways that services can support their essential role as the core provider of care and support, and main source of influence for their children.
  • Response to Draft Children Act 2004 Information Database (England) Regulations (2007)

    A joint response to on the draft Children Act 2004 Information Database (England) Regulations 2007 which set set out proposals for the establishment and operation of a database - ContactPoint - under section 12 of the Children Act 2004.
  • Response to the review of 'Section 58 of Children Act 2004' (2007)

    This review sought the views of parents on physical punishment and evidence from those working with children and families on the practical consequences of the changes in the law brought about by section 58 of the Children Act 2004.
  • Time to talk consultation response (2007)

    During September and October 2007 the Department for Children, Schools and Families ran a national consultation 'Time to talk' to gather a range of opinions and suggestions which helped to form the Children’s Plan , which launched on 11 December 2007.
  • Better services for parents (2006)

    A joint response to the Government's 'Action Plan for Social Exclusion' to address the needs of vulnerable families

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