Evaluation summaries

  • Instructions not Included: befriending pilot final evaluation (2013)

    This final report represents the conclusion of an independent evaluation of the ‘Instructions
    Not Included’ (INI) pilot parenting and family support programme, delivered by Family
    Lives, and funded by the Department for Education. INI was designed to trial a volunteer-led
    model of delivering parenting and family support for vulnerable families, to develop and
    disseminate best practice and to raise public and practitioner awareness of parenting and
    family support.
  • Extended Telephone Support Service Pilot Evaluation (2009)

    ECOTEC were commissioned in April 2008 to evaluate the Extended Individual Telephone Support Service, being provided by Parentline Plus, between 2008-9.
  • Evaluation of the Parentline Plus helpline (2007)

    This report describes an evaluation of the Parentline helpline, carried out in 2006. It
    builds on the findings of an earlier evaluation, conducted by the authors between August
    2002 and March 2003.
  • General Practitioners and Family Support: Results of 2011 Survey

    Family Lives’ works to support 1 million families a year with family and parenting issues. We regularly survey our service users to help inform our service development and the external policy environment. A recurring theme in the suveys we have undertaken over the last few years shows that families are going to universal services, including GPs, with issues common parenting problems.

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