Charity Family Lives responds to Safer Internet Day 2015

In advance of Safer Internet Day on 10th February 2015, the charity Family Lives’ free 24/7 Helpline received throughout 2014:

  • 428 calls about Child Cyber Bullying
  • 303 calls about Computer/Internet misuse (Behaviour of Teenagers)
  • 122 calls about Computer/Internet misuse (Behaviour of children up to 12 years of age)


Jeremy Todd, Family Lives’ Chief Executive said:

“Just as we teach children how to cross the road and how to swim, online activity and social media interaction should be initially supervised. Where possible, laptops or handheld devices should be accessed in a room used by all the family. Adults may feel they are behind the technological curve and may not know enough to feel confident protecting their children from online harm.  Parents and other family members may wish to familiarise themselves with how ever evolving computer and mobile technology works. For example, spending time with children looking at functions, exploring how to block unwanted emails and the GPS facility.  It’s important to continue to increase this knowledge as children grow older and migrate from Laptops to handheld devices. At BullyingUK we encourage parents to talk to their children about how, when and why they use their mobile phone or internet. If they seem distressed after a phone call or time spent online, try and find out the reasons for this.  Vulnerable children can become so consumed by negative online comments towards them, it is crucial that a sense of perspective and proportion is injected by a role model to avoid issues spiralling out of control.” 

If you are covering a national or regional family or parenting story, please consider referencing Family Lives’ Helpline 0808 800 2222 and website to enable your audience to access further support if required.