Family Lives responds to teacher cleared of underage sex with girls

‘Last week’s ruling at Swansea Court shows that teachers should not forget their duty of care and responsibility to the students they interact with. 

The teacher and pupil relationship is one built on trust and respect and abuse of this damages the integrity of the profession.

To date, via our TeenBoundaries Project, Family Lives have provided in over 7000 young people (11-18 years old) with workshops and further provided individual mentoring, produced parent packs and tailored gender lessons for schools. Our research with young people tell us that SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) is too focused on providing factual information on contraception and STIs (sexually transmitted infections). There is not enough attention on giving young people the skills they need to manage relationships, clarify attitudes and values and maintain boundaries.

There is a real need for pupils, parents/adult carers to recognise the signs and for Heads to perhaps be upskilled to offer more support to teachers when they suspect they are close to crossing a boundary.  Most important of all is for conflicted teachers to refrain from inappropriate behaviour and explore whether they are suited for such positions of trust and responsibility.” 

Jeremy Todd
Family Lives Chief Executive