Family Lives response to ‘Punishment for all gang members if one carries out a violent crime’

News that all London gang members are to be prosecuted for the actions of a single member may deter but not completely eradicate the pull of the gang lifestyle.  Family Lives has worked directly with parents affected by gang culture who attended workshops to air concerns and ways of encouraging their children to resist embracing the dysfunctional gang lifestyle.  Preventative funding must be made available to schools and colleges to enable them to deliver awareness training around bullying and peer pressure in all its forms. 

We must equip ourselves with a clearer understanding of youth violence and related gang issues - whether from influential friends, online activity, or incidents at school.  Our TeenBoundaries project has worked with over 7,000 pupils and  supports parents and professionals to recognise the tell-tale signs and develop ways of preventing young people in their care getting in with the wrong crowd.  The impact of which can have a damaging impact on future life relationships and opportunities.  We must avoid targeting or blaming parents and communities. Rather we should recognise that when children have gone off the rails and parental engagement, responsibility and respect are in tatters, support is needed to help individuals to regain their confidence and their authority to parent.” 

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Jeremy Todd, Family Lives’ Chief Executive

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