New £2.7m fund to support families experiencing parental conflict

As part of the Reducing Parental Conflict (RPC) programme, the Department for Work and Pensions is launching a new £2.7 million Reducing Parental Conflict Challenge Fund to widen support for families at risk of parental conflict.

The fund will allocate £1.6m to innovative projects that will test what works digitally to support and maintain engagement with disadvantaged families to reduce parental conflict. A further £1.1m will be allocated to test what works to support disadvantaged families who are at greater risk of parental conflict, where there is limited existing evidence.
Digital support
Through the RPC Challenge Fund, by providing grant funding for digital innovation, the Government are seeking to enable more families who are experiencing parental conflict to self-identify and address this conflict.
DWP will provide grant funding for innovative digital projects, to learn more about what engages parents online to help reduce parental conflict. Grant participants will be asked to develop support based on user need which targets digital support at those parents with low digital skills and who live in low income and workless households.  
Support for disadvantaged families
The RPC Challenge Fund will seek learning on what works to support disadvantaged families by funding innovation where there is little current evidence. For example, this might include innovation to promote better integration or join-up of local services, or targeted interventions for families.
How to apply
Applications are open 21 January to 15 February 2019. From 11 January until 8 February, applicants can complete an eligibility check form which we will review prior to submitting a full application. 
The grant-funded initiatives will run between April 2019 and March 2020. The learning gathered through the RPC Challenge Fund will help shape future policy and practice.
Organisations can be from the private, public and third sector, including organisations such as voluntary organisations and charities. Ecorys UK and Family Lives will be running the grant fund on behalf of DWP.
Key information
Fund opens for applications: 21 January 2019
Fund closes for applications: 15 February 2019
Further Information about eligibility criteria, and FAQs are available on