Want to get involved in our exciting digital innovation project?

Family Lives has secured 3-year funding to look at how we can use digital technologies to support even more families, and we'd like you to be involved!


We are looking for two people to be part of our Advisory Group to represent the families we support. You do not need to be a digital expert to get involved, but to just have a passion for how families need to be supported to help us build better family lives together.

The group will be made up of two members from the public, two of our volunteers, two of our trustees and two external digital experts. 

The group will meet three times a year (probably in central London). The main objectives of this group are to:

o   Support Family Lives in our strategic aim to: ‘Make sure families can access help in the way they need at the right time’ through digital innovation

o   Act as an advocate for Family Lives’ work

o   Advise on the development of Family Lives’ digital strategy

o   Ensure that the Digital Innovation project team is kept informed of major developments in the digital world

o   Serve as a channel of professional advice within the areas of expertise represented on the group

o   Offer insights and identify new opportunities and trends

o   Create links between Family Lives and the communities within the relevant digital sectors for whom our work has particular relevance 

You can read the full Terms of Referenceto understand what would be required here. We will be able to cover reasonable travel expenses, to be agreed in advance.


If you would like to be involved in this exciting project, please fill out this very short form here by 15 September.

Thank you for your interest

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