Current and past projects

Current projects

The Health and Care Voluntary Sector Strategic Partner Programme
Working together for better health and care

Action for Prisoners' and Offenders' Families, part of Family Lives, is currently a strategic partner with Nacro and Clinks promoting the needs and issues affecting families of offenders relating to health and care. 

The voluntary sector is vital for creating an affordable health and care system which is fit for the future.

The Health and Care Voluntary Sector Strategic Partner Programme brings the power of the voluntary sector together with the health system, to improve services and promote well-being for all.

We do this by:

  • Helping reach the most vulnerable, excluded individuals and communities
  • Supporting people to make their diverse needs and voices heard
  • Harnessing the expertise of the voluntary sector to inform national policy development
  • Driving awareness of the role and potential of the sector


Past projects

Enhancing Care for Childbearing Women in Prison and their Babies

APOF worked in partnership with the Hallam Centre for Community Justice, Sheffield Hallam University on a project funded by Barrow Cadbury to investigate the current knowledge and research evidence on child-bearing women and their babies, and mapping current provision within the criminal justice system. Read the final report. 

Online parenting and relationship support for male offenders

We have been working with relationship support charity One Plus One to provide an online parenting and relationship support module for young male offenders.

Serious and Sex Offenders 

Action for Prisoners' and Offenders' Families worked with the families of serious and sex offenders funded by the Pilgrim Trust to set up telephone support groups and produce information tailored to these families. We produced five briefing papers and a booklet for children called 'Someone in my Family has Sexually Abused Children'. We held a major event in February 2013 which looked at this subject, the findings can be viewed here.  

Family Voices 

This project (funded by Lloyds TSB) aimed to increase families' ability to influence policy and practice at a local and national level.  To this end, a group of family members were invited by APOF to meet in London to discuss their training needs.  Three meetings were held in the north east of England, in collaboration with NEPACS, as well as POPS.  A third was held in London in collaboration with Prisoners' Families and Friends Society.  We recognise that families are often the ones with the best ideas for how to change policy and practice.  Briefings have been produced arising from this work: Promoting Good Mental Health in Prisons and Dealing with the Media.  

Prison Journeys 

We collaborated with the National Federation of Women's Institutes (WI) to raise awareness with policy makers and the media about the issues suffered by prisoners'  families when they have to travel long distances to visit prisoners in isolated locations.  Fourteen WI members volunteered to visit prisoners around the country and record the complexities of the journeys travelled.  Their accounts were published in a special 'visits' issue of Action for Prisoners' Families 'Action News' which you can download below.  Download a briefing on the Prison Journeys work here 


Family Strategic Partnership 

The Family Strategic Partnership (FSP) was a consortium of four organisations which came together to share their vision and experience in the family voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.  Led by Barnardo's, with Action for Prisoners' Families, Children England and the Family and Parenting Institute, the partnership worked together to support the sector across England as the FSP with Department for Education (DfE) until March 2013 when the programme ended.