Anti-bullying projects

anti bullying projects

As well as our main offer of TeenBoundaries anti-bullying workshops, we have also run a number of other projects around anti-bullying support.

Please note the project below has now finished. 

Luton's anti-bullying strategy

Family Lives worked with a wide range of partners to provide professional support and share its expertise with other providers. In Luton it was commissioned by the council to develop an anti-bullying strategy for the whole borough. This strategy had three aims.

  • To develop a consistent way of recording and investigating bullying incidents, not just in schools but in also in other places such as youth centres. This will give children confidence that their complaint will be dealt with properly and in the same way, wherever they report it.
  • To train staff so that they are aware of how to properly deal with bullying, and to make sure that there is consistency in this training.
  • To have a 24 hour helpline that either parents or children can contact if they are having problems with bullying.

The strategy was developed by one of our Parent Support Workers, Arif Devji, who worked with a wide range of stakeholders including schools and the Luton safeguarding board, as well as local parents. Arif has also run an anti-bullying event with headteachers and leading experts in bullying. This event allowed these experts to share their experiences and strategies with local headteachers, so that they were aware of current best practice. He has also been working intensively with five local schools so that he can see what the current anti-bullying strategies are like, and how they can be improved. This strategy is unique, and Family Lives were at the forefront of offering a comprehensive and inclusive anti-bullying strategy for all children in Luton.