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Supporting individuals with a diagnosis of psychosis

Families in mind service

Our Families in Mind service provides befriending support to individuals with psychosis living in Gloucestershire. Our team of trained buddies work with individuals for approximately 6 month. Activities include finding and taking up new hobbies, getting out and about, meeting new people and making friends, and finding voluntary and paid employment. Our support model was designed in partnership with local charity GRIPPERSGRIP Early Intervention in Psychosis team at 2gether NHS Trust and service users. 

What is psychosis?

Psychosis is a mental health problem which causes people to perceive and interpret things around them in a different way from others. The two main symptoms are:

Hallucinations – When a person perceives things which aren’t really there. Most common are visual or auditory hallucinations such as hearing voices. They can also include smells, tastes and touch.

Delusions – When are person believes something to be true, which on evaluation, is obviously untrue, for example, there a cameras and in the walls which they use to see what I’m doing.

What the service provides

Our team of 10 dedicated buddies have mental health experience and receive specialist psychosis, mental health and befriender training. Buddies are matched with services user’s needs and interests. They work together on a weekly and fortnightly basis to build trust and confidence and to maximize achievements to a service user’s goals.

The programme aims to achieve five core outcomes:

  • Improved self-management and coping skills
  • Reduced social isolation
  • Reduced social disability
  • Increased physical activity levels
  • Increase engagement in meaningful occupation, training or volunteering

If you are experiencing psychosis, or have a friend, partner of family member who is, please call Bex to see what we can offer:

Rebecca Wheatley – Senior Family Support Coordinator Email: Tel: 01453 751676 or 07587 373436

For Volunteer Recruitment and Training contact:

Doreen Jones, Family Lives Senior Team Leader Email: Mobile: 07585 963753

To download a copy of our leaflet, please click here