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Workshops to prevent sexual bullying, peer on peer sexual exploitation and promote positive gender relationships

Positive Boundaries (previously called TeenBoundaries) was founded and developed by Leonie Hodge. It is a unique programme through Bullying UK and is designed to tackle sexual bullying and peer-on-peer sexual exploitation. This is through promoting positive gender relationships and by challenging attitudes and promoting tolerance, understanding and cohesion among young people.

Young people want better sex and relationship education

Young people tell us that there is not enough attention on giving them the skills they need to manage relationships, clarify attitudes and values and maintain boundaries. Our research also tells us that sex and relationship education is often too focused on providing factual information on contraception and sexually transmitted infections.

“They sarcastically called me a sexy bitch and then touched my bum, looked up my skirt to the point I felt really uncomfortable walking in front of them or near those boys.” Bullying UK survey 2016

The Positive Boundaries programme delivers it

Positive Boundaries builds knowledge and resilience in young people through recognising and understanding the nature of sexual bullying, different forms of sexism and the damage they cause. This is achieved through developing confident attitudes towards acceptance, consent and obtaining help. Positive Boundaries is adaptable to the needs of different groups of young people.

Our facilitators provide sessions that raise awareness and help change attitudes. They can also be called into schools in response to specific challenges students have faced. We know from our annual Bullying UK survey that sexual bullying is an increasingly serious issue that needs to be tackled. It happens inside and outside school, in social groups and online. It is as serious as any form of hate crime and should be treated as such by parents, teachers and society

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