The Evidence for Positive Boundaries

Positive Boundaries is based on a robust theory of change. Through the programme, we improve knowledge, influence attitudes and impact on positive behaviour change. This could be anything from inter pupil relationships, to using the internet safely and respectfully, to having the confidence to say no, to not participating in sexual bullying.

Positive Boundaries sexual bullying workshops evaluation

Other changes in behaviour from the increased understanding and knowledge gained from participating in a Positive Boundaries programme include:

  • Demonstrating an empathetic response to sexual bullying, its victims and perpetrators
  • Not participating in sexual bullying
  • Making informed choices about their own boundaries in relationships
  • Refraining from choices which are harmful to self or others
  • Making sure behaviour stays within the law
  • Using the internet respectfully
  • Using the internet safely 

Evaluation of Positive Boundaries

We are proud of the impact that our programme has. Every young person who participates in Positive Boundaries completes a pre evaluation form at the start and a post evaluation form at the end of the programme. School professionals and teachers present during delivery also complete an evaluation. A full data report is made available to the school. 

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