What Positive Boundaries means for young people

Positive Boundaries helps prepare pupils to learn and develop positive, healthy attitudes to deal effectively with the added pressures of relationships.


Our Positive Boundaries (previously known as TeenBoundaries) programme works to prevent sexual bullying, peer on peer sexual exploitation and promotes positive gender relationships. We know that older pupils frequently say that sex and relationships education was ‘too little, too late and too biological’. Ofsted reinforced this in the 2013 Not Yet Good Enough report.

How can Positive Boundaries benefit young people?

Our programme adds to high-quality SRE helping to create safer school communities. Through our Positive Boundaries programme, young people learn about issues such as body confidence, how to respond to peer pressure and healthy relationships.

Positive Boundaries’ raises young people’s awareness of:

  • gender inequalities
  • their responses to media images, and
  • the practical and legal aspects of cyber bullying, sexting and pornography.

Our workshops are structured to equip young people with the skills and emotional confidence they need to cope, to recognise personal discomfort in situations and to have the confidence to say ‘no’.

Through our independent approach, we inform and facilitate a non-accepting response to gender inequality, sexual bullying, media-generated expectations, and pornography.

Our supportive workers can also be invaluable to schools helping to increase confidence and know-how to access help and support if and when it is needed. Schools need to ensure that pupils have access to information at school about local support services available. This could include information about LGBT youth groups and specialist domestic violence, Rape Crisis centres and support for BME women who experience abuse.

For more information
Tel: 020 7553 3080
Email: info@familylives.org.uk

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