What Positive Boundaries means for schools

Positive Boundaries helps schools sustain and demonstrate evidence of continued attention in across all levels of Ofsted inspection requirements and computing at Key Stage 3 and 4. Ofsted is clear that schools must have a preventative programme that enables pupils to learn about safety and risks in relationships.


A survey by the UK National Union of Teachers (NUT) suggests that sexual bullying is most often carried out by boys against girls, although girls are increasingly harassing girls and boys in a sexual manner. 

  • 65% of teachers have found it hard to keep on top of bullying within school
  • 92% of teachers have witnessed name calling in their school
  • Only 23% of teachers feel confident they are on top of bullying.
  • 66% of LGBT young people suffer from bullying at school, 58% of them never report and half of them skip school as a result


How Positive Boundaries can enhance sex and relationship education

Positive Boundaries enhances the teacher-led sex and relationships education and provides a specific contribution to the existing school programme. Positive Boundaries responds to an evolving problem which many teachers and education professionals find challenging and is outside their ‘comfort zone’. Our workshops are delivered by highly trained, confident, subject matter experts allowing opportunities for young people to learn how to keep themselves safe, to have positive relationships and how to prevent misuse of technology.

Our workshops aim to prevent all forms of bullying and enable young people to have an excellent understanding of how to stay safe online, the dangers of inappropriate use of mobile technology and social networking sites. Positive Boundaries also supports them to have an age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships and promotes confidence in staying safe from abuse and exploitation.

What teachers say about Positive Boundaries workshops

“The workshop on Friday was fantastic, the form thoroughly enjoyed it and were very engaged. It’s an interactive session which triggered lots of discussions. I was unsure as to how seriously they’d take it, but it went down very well.” Ms Friar- Yr 9 Teacher. Francis Combe School

“I was very impressed with the workshops, the students engaged and I have had many ask me when the next lesson is. We would like future workshops on a yearly basis for our Year 9’s.” Ms Biggs- Head of Year 9. MountGrace school

“Thanks a lot for coming in – from what I saw, the kids were really engaged and certainly took a lot away from it’. Mr Thomson Head of PHSE. Rickmansworth school

“Thanks so much for today, the kids loved it, I was walking around at break time asking them about it and they all said they found it really interesting”. Mr Kemp, PHSE Co-ordinator Sandringham School

“Many thanks for your workshops today. The girls really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. The balance of activities was just right”. Mrs Shrimpton, Watford Girls School.

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