Bullying UK and The Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation launch ‘Wear Blue’ Campaign

Wear Blue on 20 November 2015

Bullying UK has launched its wear blue campaign to encourage schools, organisations and individuals to wear blue on the 20th November 2015 to help tackle bullying. 

Wear Blue with Bullying UK.jpg

The anti-bullying charity has also produced wristbands for our #wearbluecampaign that schools and families can wear to support children who experiencing bullying. Visit our wear blue page for more information. 

Ben Cohen from The Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation said:

“We’re supporting Bullying UK’s #WearBluecampaign during anti-bullying week 2015 as it’s a great opportunity to get schools throughout the UK to promote positive messages about anti-bullying, raise awareness of how your school protects children from bullying, and have fun at the same time.”

Jeremy Todd, Chief Executive of Bullying UK said:

“Family Lives are dedicated followers of fashion and on the 20th November, anything of a blue hue can be worn from blue jeans, blue tank-top or blue suede shoes. Feel free to wear something really outrageous and stand out for bullying during anti-bullying week!”

Bullying UK is also offering downloadable superhero masks for younger children to decorate and wear alongside other anti-bullying week resources which include classroom flash cards, presentations, interactive anti bullying videos and posters. To download a copy of our wear blue campaign poster, please click here.

For information and updates, please visit Bullying UK on Facebook, Twitter or email us  webcoordinator@familylives.org.uk.


For media enquiries, please contact Simon Walsh, Family Lives Press & PR Manager via press@familylives.org.uk.

Funds raised from the #wearbluecampaign will enable Bullying UK to support those who are being bullied or affected by bullying issues.

  • £10 helps a bullied child apprehensive about going to school to talk to Bullying UK’s trained advisors online
  • £20 funds individual live chat sessions for ten families in distress each year
  • £25 helps train a volunteer call taker so they can be there for a parent who has just found out their child is self-harming because she is being bullied online