Family Lives offers support to distressed families facing the prospect of break up, separation and divorce in early 2013

National support organisation Family Lives is expecting to support families during January as new Divorce & Separation data from the charity is announced. 

This year’s data analyses divorce-related calls to Family Lives’ helpline during the period of 1st April – 31st December 2012.  

During this time period, Family Lives were contacted on 28509 occasions via their Live Chat, email and confidential Helpline service.  Of these 4987 enquiries centred on how divorce and separation was the primary reason for the calls.  Of particular concern were the 17467 from parents regarding their own mental health and wellbeing and 8,657 revolved around children going through their parents’/ carer’s divorce/separation. 

The new report shows that where Divorce & Separation was the primary reason for adult carers and parents contacting Family Lives: 

  • 3114 calls concerned access issues to children caught in the middle of separation & divorce
  • 2884 centred on conflict around an inability between parents to reach agreement on moving forward post separation
  • 1750 parents wanted more contact with children
  • 1486 focused on division of parental responsibility
  • 749 of calls were from non-resident parents had issues relating to being resident or non-resident with their children

Jeremy Todd, Family Lives Chief Executive said:

“January is often a difficult time for warring parents. Couples are bound to be feeling upset and confused by an impending break-up and it's easy to let anger or guilt get in the way. It will always help for parents/couples to talk it through with someone as the emotional and financial cost to any separation is considerable and people need to get the right advice. Friends and family members may be sympathetic but are often not objective; we would advise getting independent professional free advice from Family Lives.  For their own confidence and self-esteem, children need to see their parents – regardless of relationship status – still care and are there for them.”

Family Lives’ website has a comprehensive content on relationships, separation and divorce.