Family Lives respond to the Coalitions mid-term review

“Family Lives welcomes that ‘families’ will continue to be central to Coalition policy, in particular their commitment to flexible working and we look forward to seeing the full legislative proposals. 

Whilst we welcome the Coalition’s renewed commitment to improving childcare costs for families, we urge caution that any policies to achieve this aim should not sacrifice quality at the expense of quantity.  It has been widely reported that lower childcare costs for parents will be achieved via supply-side policies such as tax relief or vouchers and, more worryingly, through reduced adult/child ratios.  We look forward to reading the results of the Childcare Commission in due course.  In addition, whilst we welcome the Coalition Government’s commitment to improving child wellbeing and safety by improving internet safety, we urge the government’s new lead advisor on the commercialisation and sexualisation of children, Claire Perry, to consider further support for parents on this issue and to consider the importance of good SRE/PSHE in empowering children and young people to stay safe in the digital age and resist peer-pressure to engage in risky sexual behaviour as we recently argued in our report, All of Our Concern.”

Jeremy Todd, Family Lives Chief Executive