Family Lives responds to Barnardo's new report, ‘Are we nearly there yet, Dad? Supporting young dads’ journeys through fatherhood’.

“Family Lives recognises and can relate to the opportunities and obstacles fathers face as highlighted in the report during the transition to fatherhood.  Dads play such an important role in a child’s life and upbringing, but sometimes their role is not fully appreciated or supported and it’s vital to reach dads early.  Family Lives is committed to supporting dads and all male role models – whether separated from, or still part of, their child’s life and family.  Our work targets expectant and existing fathers, providing emotional and practical support.  Family Lives wants fathers to know how important they are to their child’s development. In many communities, there is often a stigma attached to men asking for support- we find ways to break through this and engage with the most vulnerable fathers. As a charity, we recruit, train up, and supports volunteer ‘dad champions’, encouraging local dads to support each other.  Peer-to-peer support is key to bringing about positive outcomes for fathers experiencing difficulties. 

Where risk of harm is not a factor, we encourage fathers in conflict to endeavour to have a positive relationship with their child and (ex) partner. Fathers can talk to one of our Family Support Workers through Live Chat, or email us or call our confidential helpline on 0808 800 2222.”

Jeremy Todd, Family Lives