Family Lives responds to 'Children As Young as Ten are Sexting'

Jeremy Todd, From Family Lives said:

“Parents and adult carers have a role to play in educating both themselves and their children about the dangers of sexting.  As new streams of social media channels flood into the family home, Family Lives encourages ALL parents to have conversations with their children about the consequences of inappropriate messaging. Parents can contact Family Lives and equip themselves with support and information on how to talk to their kids about not engaging in risky behaviour.”

To empower parents, Family Lives have produced a Top Tips list. The advice includes:

 Family Lives Top Tips for Parents Concerned about Sexting

  • Having a plan will make your life easier.  Rather than waiting for something bad to happen, think about when and how you are going to start and keep the conversation going about topics like sexting. 
  • Pick a time when neither of you feel rushed or under pressure.  Avoid starting a conversation just as your child is going to bed or walking out the door. 
  • Get to know their friends’ parents. They’ll probably share your concerns, so you could agree on rules around technology and supervision. You can also share anecdotes about the questions your children have asked, which might help you prepare for your own conversations.
  • Talk to your teen about sex and relationships and let them know that respecting one another is important. They should not have to feel forced into doing anything they are not comfortable with and they can come and talk to you if they feel pressured.
  • Encourage your child to report any incidents of sexual bullying whether they are involved or not.
  • Make it clear that any incidents of bullying are unacceptable no matter where they are and that it will not be tolerated.
  • Most importantly let them know that there is a great risk that this image could be shown to others or distributed on the World Wide Web and there will be little that he or she can do to stop this.
  • Do not dismiss sexist language or behaviour as funny. Remember that you need to a role model for them and they will look to you to determine what is right and what is wrong.
  • Use a storyline from an article or TV programme to start up the conversation about this


Parents concerned about their children’s sexual behaviour can visit, call the free Family Lives helpline on 0808 800 2222, or email for a personalised reply within 3 days.

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