Family Lives responds to Children’s Commissioner Report on Female Sexual Exploitation In the Community

“Family Lives is shocked but not surprised by the Children Commissioner’s report that today that states that girls and young women are subject to rape and violence by sex rings and gangs. TeenBoundariesUK, part of the Family Lives group, is committed to helping teenagers develop positive gender relationships and has already worked with over 6000 young people in schools and community to address sexual bullying, early sexualisation and its influences on teen behaviour.   Today’s report highlights that on average 45 children a day at risk of sexual exploitation, it is vital therefore that funding is made available to schools and colleges and other professionals to enable them to deliver awareness training to staff and young people around Sexualisation, Objectification, Sexual Bullying and Peer Pressure so they can identify the early signs of this activity and build inner resilience to stop exploitation happening to them and those that they care for .  We know from calls made to our helpline that many parents feel overwhelmed when it comes to dealing with their child’s emerging sexuality and the issues that this raises.  Family Lives urges any parent, family member or teacher concerned about a child or groups sexual behaviour to call Family Lives' free helpline, Parentline, on 0808 800 2222, for help and support.”

Claire Walker
Family Lives Director of Policy


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