Family Lives responds to Class and Child Poverty Action Group call for new priorities to tackle poverty

Jeremy Todd, Family Lives’ Chief Executive said:

“Families that we are in contact with are telling us stories of real economic and psychological hardship.  The needs of the family are changing and as a society we must listen and adapt to meet these needs.  The scale and intensity of the challenges of family life in Britain continue to manifest.  The quality of parenting is the single-most important determinant of the life chances of a child, and that the strength and stability of adult relationships throughout the family are vital to the well-being of children.  However these welcome good intentions need to be matched with policy measures and investment to ensure that families receive the right support in the right way at the right time.   With families saying that their single biggest worry is making ends meet with the family finances, and the conflict and stress that this causes, our survey evidence suggests that adequate investment needs to be made, not just despite of the cuts, but because of them.”