Family Lives Responds To: Cyberbullying is becoming a common problem in the workplace as employees use texts and emails to attack their colleagues

Cyberbullying in the workplace can be a very devastating, distressing and isolating experience. It can leave recipients feeling very low and anxious at the thought of going to work and facing the individual or group that may be subjecting them to this.  Family Lives and BullyingUK has heard from victims who describe being constantly criticised, having duties and responsibility taken away without good reason, being shouted at and put down or made to feel like the butt of the jokes, being constantly ignored, receiving threats about job security without any basis or substance and having promotion or progress blocked within the workplace. Unfortunately, bullying can take its toll on the whole families’ health and wellbeing.  Family members that feel under duress should make an appointment with your GP so they can get support. 

It is important to keep a diary of all incidents with times, dates, witnesses and what happened. People can confide in a manager or the Human Resources department in your workplace. This might not be so easy to do if it is a small organisation and one is being harassed or bullied by a manager. If you are a member of a trade union, get in touch and ask them for advice and representation. If you have house insurance, you may also be covered for legal expenses. 

Contact Family Lives’ support team either via Email or LiveOnline Chat, Our service is free & confidential. We are here to support the family during this difficult time and we can also refer you to organisations that specialise in resolving workplace bullying. 

Jeremy Todd, Family Lives Chief Executive