Family Lives responds to Daycare Trust and London Nurseries report

Claire Walker, Family Lives Director of Policy & Mum of One said:

"Because of rising living and childcare costs, many parents, especially women, are forced to leave the workplace taking vital skills and experience with them or increasing their stress levels as they try and juggle work and home life.  This is particularly the case in London where the costs of childcare can be astronomical.  Family Lives would be delighted to help families struggling with this issue through our range of services. While in theory flexible working has become near universal in UK workplaces - with over 95% if workplaces claims to offer at least one flexible working practice - many workplaces are still unable to see the benefits and cost savings to them of this approach and parents are either being refused reasonable requests to change working patterns or are too afraid to ask. We would also love to support any workplace wanting to fully embrace all the benefits of flexible working for all."