Family Lives responds to NSPCC refers more child emotional abuse case referrals

"News that there has been a significant increase in the number of calls and contacts to the NSPCC regarding emotional abuse is sadly not surprising.  At Family Lives we agree, emotional damage is as bad as physical and violent outbursts. A possible reason that some parents find it hard to meet their children's emotional needs is that they themselves were given no clear role models. Young children who are raised in an environment deprived of love or living in chaotic households and observe dysfunctional and confrontational relationships who then become parents can leave you battling to do your best for your children, as all parents would wish to do. Family Lives offers help and a place where there are no judgments but support. Once parents are helped to care for and cherish themselves they can then do the same for their children, and this can achieve better life outcomes than state intervention such as prosecution."