Family Lives responds to NSPCC sexting story

News that sexting is now so commonplace that it has become ‘mundane & extreme’ is deeply worrying.  Every year, thousands of parents contact us concerned about their children’s sexual behaviour.  We know from contact made with Family Lives that many parents are concerned about the multiple pressures children and young people face in a sexualised world. Family Lives’ Teen Boundaries Project is solely devoted to stopping sexual bullying and encouraging positive gender relationships.  TeenBoundaries aims to support schools and community groups in delivering high quality Personal, Social and Health Education and Sex and Relationship Education.  This should be taught in all schools and we recommend adopting a holistic whole school approach, which seeks to change the culture of the school and address instances of sexist, sexual bullying and abuse quickly and effectively.  Everywhere children turn they are bombarded with idealised and sexualised media images which present unrealistic ideas about body image and what it means to be successful or popular male or female in today’s society.  The pressures that young people face are all of our concern and it is all of our responsibility to help to tackle them.  Together we can help to ensure that children and young people have the tools to deal with coercive pressures, can be empowered to make positive and healthy choices and can reach their fullest potential in every aspect of their lives.”

Claire Walker, Director of Policy, Family Lives