Family Lives Responds To Telford gang is jailed for sexually abusing girls

“Family Lives welcomes the lengthy jailing of seven men found guilty of sexually exploiting young girls throughout Shropshire. We hope this outcome will help to shine a spotlight on this issue and get parents, young people and schools talking about how to keep themselves safe. It is essential to equip children and young people with the skills and resiliiance to recognise an unhealthy relationship forming and to get themselves out of danger.

Building self esteem and recognising the warning signs form part of a package of skills that Teen Boundaries, part of Family Lives, aims to equip people with during a short course of workshops delivered in schools during PSHE lessons. 

The 7000 young people who have already taken part in the workshops have learnt valuable lessons about keeping themselves safe, recognising sexualised bullying - which can be the first warning of sexually abusive behaviour to come - and setting their own boundaries and asking for help if they are out of their depth. 

Many parents call Parentline, our free round the clock helpline, because they are concerned about their child's early sexualised behaiour, or because they know that their child has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Often, as the pull of the gang increases the parents influence and authority wanes and families are left in a desperate situation. If you have any concerns or want more information on how to keep your children safe then visit or call Parentline free on 0808 800 2222.”

Jeremy Todd
Family Lives Chief Executive