Family Lives responds to therapy 'could cut teen drinking', researchers say

Jeremy Todd, Family Lives, Chief Executive said:

“Engaging with young people to explore why they may choose to drink to excess is to be encouraged.  Many parents may struggle with their own and their childs drinking and have no idea how to manage or address this.  We speak to thousands of parents and carers every year and know that issues around alcohol continue to be a concern.  The more help and information parents have to understand these issues and talk to their loved ones about risky behaviours, the safer they will be.  Evidence shows that parents are a main influence on how children approach alcohol and whether or not they drink to excess.  Many do not talk to their children about drinking alcohol early enough and we hope that the Government’s Alcohol Strategy will reflect the growing body of evidence which shows that equipping parents to talk effectively with their children about alcohol is an effective way of preventing children experimenting with alcohol at an early age and can prevent binge drinking in their teens and adult life.   Anyone wanting more information about how to prevent your children from engaging in risky drinking behaviour contact Family Lives’ Helpline for support on 0808 800 2222 or visit ’

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