Family Lives responds trial scheme re domestic violence

“It’s very encouraging to see this scheme being trialled in the UK and we call for this to be adopted nationwide as women, men and concerned family members should have the right to know about the violent past of any future partners, particularly if there are children within the household potentially at risk.  Such a scheme would install clear new rights for victims, family and friends to access crucial information, empowering them to make clearer choices and to work with the police on these matters.  

Early intervention is also crucial to engage with young people who may have anger management issues or are prone to violent outbursts.  At Family Lives we help parents to discuss the issue of abuse within relationships.   Fostering understanding and respect between young people is crucial to equip them with the resilience to becoming victim to domestic violence.    

Family Lives’ TeenBoundaries division works with schools to educate children about the dangers of sexualised bullying and abuse in teenage relationships.  Their work teaches children not to become victims and to feel more empowered and resilient to future bullying or sexualised violence and also aims to prevent them from becoming potential perpetrators or bullies. So far TeenBoundaries have provided 7000 students with lessons focused on dealing with sexual bullying, provided individual mentoring and tailored gender lessons in schools.”

Claire Walker, Director of Policy, Family Lives