Family Lives Response to the Children's Commissioner for England's report into illegal exclusions

Jeremy Todd, Chief Executive, Family Lives said: 

“Headmasters, teachers and the wider school staff already know that pupils are likely to achieve good attendance records and educational outcomes if they receive consistent support, guidance and discipline at home and at school.  For this to happen, parents and teachers have to be well supported.  Family Lives believes that in order for a child’s attainment and behaviour in school to improve, parents and carers must be actively engaged in their education. 2011 research from Family Lives found that, of those surveyed:

  • 53% would access support if available at their child’s school and 23% had already accessed support
  • 61% felt the stigma of being seen as not being able to cope was a barrier to accessing services
  • 90% of respondents stated that they believed parents would benefit from advice and information on effective ways of coping with their child’s behaviour, and other common parenting problems
  • 79% of respondents felt that currently there is too little reliable information on parenting


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