Jeremy Todd, Chief Executive of Family Lives responds to Living Standards: 'Decade Of Stagnation' warning

“A recent Family Lives report ‘Families Matter - the realities of family life in Britain today’ found that families' biggest worry is making ends meet with over 50% of respondents stating that their family finances were in a worse state than the last year.  Financial worry has been linked to a greater likelihood of mental health problems and increased vulnerability to family breakdown and divorce. The costs of both of these things to the state are considerable and the government should act to ensure that many UK households will be better off in 2020 than they were in 2000. Otherwise many parents – particularly single mums- may fall into a vicious cycle of debt and hardship which will have associated high costs for society.  To not do so would risk undermining broader welfare reforms intended to enable more parents back into work. 

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Jeremy Todd, Family Lives Chief Executive