Introduction to singing with your baby

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Children are born ready, able and eager to learn and interact with other people, and in the world around them. Singing with your young child or baby is a great way of connecting with them and aiding their cognitive, language, and emotional development. Find out more from Dr Jacqueline Harding about how singing with your baby can help in five key areas of their development. 

Watch our introduction video for tips and ideas on singing with your young child

Language development 

Singing songs with your child Old Macdonald and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes helps their language skills as they learn new words to help widen their vocabulary. It can also help them get into the rhythm of the sentence, learning comprehension and phonics which all helps towards getting them ready for th such as their educational journey.

Social emotional wellbeing

Singing with your child can help your child's emotional and social development. They learn so much from the rhymes about life in general, how we feel and how we connect with others which will help them develop a more happy and balanced approach as they grow. If You're Happy is a great song to sing. 


Singing actions songs such as Row Your Boat, Animals, etc. can help a young child with their physical development. It can aid your child in their fine and gross motor skills as they are using different parts of their body.

Mathemetical development

Singing rhymes can help with your child's numeracy which can help them become ready for school. Using finger or counting songs can be a great way of introducing maths by counting the beats or using fingers. Incy Wincy or Pat a Cake are a good choice of songs to use. 

World around them

Singing songs with your child can help them learn about the world around them. Whether it is about nature, animals, communities or culture, singing songs can introduce them to their world. Singing rhymes such as Wheels on the Bus, Ghanaian Song or Ainsi Font Font Font can help with their learning.   

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