Choosing school subjects


Choosing what subjects to do for GSCEs may have already got you thinking about the future with your child - whether they continue with their education, do more studying or they look for more vocational studies. It may be that they are already saying they want to leave school after exams and get stuck in to a job. This stage can sometimes trigger a tension between a parent and teenager.

There is a lot of pressure to achieve academically and sometimes the dreams we have for our children do not match what they want. Parents sometimes tell us that they are frustrated by their children's lack of motivation: their unwillingness to knuckle down. Parents tell us how anxious they can become when trying to persuade their children that they just want the best possible future for them. But children can achieve good rewarding careers through a number of routes. There are many ways to get to that dream job and also satisfy your hopes for their future. These include:

  • Staying on at the school sixth form
  • Finding a sixth form college
  • Getting a place at a further education college
  • Starting an Apprenticeship
  • Finding a job
  • Doing voluntary work
  • Setting up their own business

Sometimes your child may not choose the route you think is best but is it worth talking to them about all the options. Remember, your child might feel they are being 'nagged' so just let them know that you just want the best for them. If you show them you have looked into a few options they may be more willing to listen. You may also want to think about letting them get on with it - perhaps they need to try a few different things before they decide which route to take. Some young people get a job for a while to get a taste of the world of work and then go back to study. Sometimes exploring a few options helps them work out what they really want. 

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